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File Server – Dedicated Vs Non -Dedicated

A file server is, basically, a specialized computer, or your general desktop used for the purpose of serving files. It just so happens, of course, that the laptop or desktop computer can serve dual functions; both serving files and then employing software to act upon those same files. Why, then, …

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ADHD Brain Monitoring Technology Tools

The treatment ADHD will soon include a wide range of affordable and easily accessible brain monitoring technology tools. In the last few years the field of personal biometric measurement has exploded. It seems that every day we learn of a new personal wellness tool that makes it easier for us …

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File Sharing Goes Mobile

Advances in communications and technology have brought with it an off-shoot phenomenon that has greatly impacted the way individuals and businesses connect and deal with each other. File Sharing , which usually follows the Peer-to-Peer (P2P) model, has made it possible for people to connect in an instant. It involves …

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The Significance of File Sharing

If you would like other people to learn of your accomplishments in life file sharing is the best means of doing it. You shall convey your message to other people and become a part of their lives as well through this. All your files that you wish to share to …

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Construction File Sharing – Tips on What to Avoid

The evolution of technology has brought many changes in the construction industry. Construction file sharing is now done electronically. Using cloud-based solutions for document storage, email, or digital collaboration tools. These technology tools make document sharing easier and faster. But they also introduce issues that can translate in added cost …

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