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File Server – Dedicated Vs Non -Dedicated

A file server is, basically, a specialized computer, or your general desktop used for the purpose of serving files. It just so happens, of course, that the laptop or desktop computer can serve dual functions; both serving files and then employing software to act upon those same files. Why, then, …

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Advantages And Safety Of an Email Archival Service

Did you know that experts are urging almost all businesses to deploy a state of the art email archival service on the cloud for seamlessly streamlining their organizational correspondence? Yes, it’s a fact indeed that in this litigation friendly world, it is important for businesses to organize their email correspondence …

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RAID 5 Data Recovery – Possible and Necessary

Many top end computer servers used in bigger organizations come with a type of storage called RAID. RAID actually stands for Redundant Array of Independent Disks, which basically means that a number of disks work together with the capability of dividing and replicating data throughout them. This type of technology …

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How to Develop an Effective Cloud Security Plan

The buzzing cloud computing technology has created ripples in the IT world with its matchless flexibility, agility, and economies of scale. Indeed, companies spanning across different verticals are considering migrating their IT resources to the cloud; however, security still is the topmost concern of many businesses. Today, companies that are …

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Twelve Benefits of an Email Marketing Agency

Email marketing agencieshelp generate more sales, get more leads, and build customer loyalty. Would you like to get closer to your customers? Do you want to generate sales? Do you want to build loyalty and increase awareness? Would you like to see a clear return on your marketing spend? This …

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