List of Adsense Advertiser that pays above 3$ on the month of October

Hello fellow publisher that are interested in good ads,most of you have tried to identify some ads but here i come with list of good ads of month of October though with my research it is coming late but i believe with this publish you will earn with the days left in this month.
Guys please no self clicking be wise after seeing the names of these ads don't self click and follow Google policies.

Also these has categories for paying if you fall into good category if will get good pay but remember if an ads is 100$,google will give publisher only 68% and they take the rest but remember they have some interest when bidding for ads now.
 Some categories like
1.Your site domain authority
2. Page authority
3. Keywords
4.Country of click and other categories.
This list will be updated time to time


1&1 cloud
appian asap systems arcsight Actian acumatica aha!  bomgar bold360 barracuda citrix chartio cisco carbonite code42

cloudera couchbase digital realt…

Banking malware that impersonates Google Play app targets Android users

Bankbot has evolved during the past year, developing new ways to dupe usersBankbot has evolved during the past year, developing new ways to dupe usersBankbot has evolved during the past year, developing new ways to dupe usersBanking Trojan Bankbothas made its way into the Google Play Store again, just months after its first removal in April.Initially discovered in early 2017, the malware created fake overlay screens that looked like the login pages of popular banking apps. Once you entered your username and password, the data was passed onto cybercriminals.But the newest Bankbot is even smarter than previous versions - waiting 20 minutes after its download before installing itself - a trait that may have helped it bypass Google's Play Protect."The banking Trojan has been evolving throughout the year, resurfacing in different versions both on and outside Google Play," said Slovakia-based IT security firm ESET earlier this week. "The variant we discovered on Google Pl…

Hackers have found a terrifying new way to steal cash out of ATMs

Hackers have a new hands-off approach to stealing money out of ATMs.A report from Trends Micro says there is a shift in the ATM malware landscape from attacks that require physical instruments to network-based approaches. Instead of using skimmers, USB-ports, or CD drives to infect a machine, hackers are now infiltrating a bank’s internal networks to gain access to ATM funds.The steps in these attacks aren’t unlike the many cyberattacks we’ve seen over the past few years. Hackers first send malware using an email phishing scam to a company’s weakest link—its error-prone human employees—before stealing admin credentials and hacking into networks. Once that’s complete, criminals can gain remote access to ATMs and start dispensing cash.A benefit of using remote attacks is that any ATM connected to the compromised network can be attacked, unlike a physical attack which requires targeting a single machine at the most opportune time. Hackers can even attack multiple machines simultaneously,…

Forget YouTube—Cloudflare wants to make it easier for video startups to set up shop

Too much email won’t bring down the internet. Nor will too many tweets—no matter how many characters they are. What relentlessly taxes networks is video—which will quadruple from 2016 to 2121, accounting for 82% of online traffic, according to Cisco.

Cloudflare, which provides caching, bandwidth optimization, and protection from DoS attacks to websites, announced today that it’s getting into the streaming business. It’s new Cloudflare Stream service promises to make it easier and cheaper for startups that want to go beyond YouTube or Vimeo and set up their own services. Cloudlflare hasn’t announced pricing, other than saying it will be by minutes of video streamed, not by megabits, so that everyone has incentive to adopt the latest, most-efficient encoding. “What I want to do is make it so the next Evan Spiegel can build [the next] Snapchat without ever knowing what a megabit per second is,” says Cloudflare’s CEO, Matthew Prince. “And I think we can do that while still having a north-o…

How to use iCloud for backups on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac

Anyone immersed in the Apple ecosystem can readily access iCloud for no extra charge, but many don't know how to make the most of it.iCloud is not an application, but rather an application suite, one that's directly baked into the framework of nearly all Apple products. It's designed to be a repository of your digital life, a place to store and backup your photos, personal files, and application data so you never lose anything. Despite its slick design and simple execution however, setting it up for the first time can be a pain. So here it is, our guide on how to use iCloud.Setting up & signing into iCloudSigning up with iCloud is completely free and simple to do with an Apple ID. Each free account automatically grants you access to 5GB of remote storage — available for backups, mail, app data, documents, and other components stored in the cloud — with 50GB, 200GB, and 2TB storage offerings available at an additional cost.If your devices are recent, you shouldn't h…

Everything You Wanted to Know About Wireless Charging

Image: AppleYears after it first appeared, wireless charging has finally arrived on the iPhone—but what is this magical charging method that’s been on other big phones for a couple of years now? And is it really all that superior to just plugging your phone into the wall every night? Here’s what you need to know about wireless charging, and the kit you need to make it work.How wireless charging worksImage: PowerbyProxiThe key to wireless (or inductive) charging are electromagnetic fields, used to transfer energy from one place (a charging mat) to another (your phone) through the magic of electromagnetic induction.Essentially you’ve got two physical coils, one which converts energy into an electromagnetic field that can travel wirelessly, and one which converts that floating field back into energy again—the two coils form a transformer. That’s why the wireless charging cat was out of the bag as soon as a coil was spotted in leaked schematics for the iPhone 8.If your phone doesn’t suppo…

Samsung reportedly working on a Windows Mixed Reality headset

Microsoft is planning to launch a number of Windows Mixed Reality headsets next month, and it appears Samsung might be planning its own in the near future. Twitter user WalkingCat has uncovered photos of Samsung’s Windows Mixed Reality headset, and it appears to include six degree-of-freedom tracking like most of Microsoft’s headsets.Little else is known about the Samsung headset, but the pictures do show off built-in headphones from AKG that look very similar to what’s included on Oculus’ Rift VR headset. It appears Samsung will be shipping its Mixed Reality headset with Microsoft’s motion controllers. Microsoft is planning to hold a special Mixed Reality event next week, and it’s possible that the Samsung headset could be part of any announcements.Mixed Reality headsets will start launching next month alongside Microsoft’s Windows 10 Fall Creators Update on October 17th. The first headsets include pricing at $299 from Acer, HP pricing its own at $450 (with motion controllers) and De…